Hallmark of sustainable development

Notable Projects

SunInfra Energies has an in-house end-to-end capability to build a customized Solar powered plant. Our team are seasoned experts with experience in successfully handling projects involving every type of roof. We have executed state-of-the-art projects for leading Industrial and Institutional names.

If you are planning to adopt Solar energy to save on your cost of electricity or to meet your sustainability goals, be assured of our quality service. We have completed multiple challenging projects successfully delivering complete satisfaction to our clients.

Together we are building a sustainable world

Some of our Clients

SunInfra’s Solar Park

  • Client: Captive Open Access for C&I

  • Location: Malegaon

  • Plant Capacity: 37.5 MWp (Work in progress)

Open Access Group Captive

  • Client: Gilada Group, Bangalore

  • Location: Jath, Dist. Sangli

  • Plant Capacity: 7.4 MWp

Leading Indian Business Group

  • Client: Welspun Group

  • Location: Bhopal & Hyderabad

  • Capacity: 10.1 MWp

Government Utility Company

  • Client: Himachal Pradesh Power Corporation Limited

  • Location: Bhanjal, HP

  • Plant Capacity: 7 MWp

Leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Ropes 

  • Client: Maruti Ropes Group

  • Location: Barshi (MH)

  • Plant Capacity: 5.75 MWp

Leading Textiles Company

  • Client: Totala Textiles Pvt Ltd

  • Location: Ichalkaranji

  • Capacity: 2.34 MWp

Leading Sugar and Pharmaceutical Company

  • Client: MB Sugars & Pharmaceuticals Ltd

  • Location: Malegaon

  • Plant Capacity: 850 kWp 

Leading Manufacturer of Polybags 

  • Client: Bang Polypacks

  • Location: Gulbarga (KA), Solapur (MH) & Daman

  • Plant Capacity: 3.75 MWp

Leading Educational Institute

  • Client: NMIMS University Institutes

  • Location: RC Patel, Shirpur

  • Capacity: 1.6 MWp

Leading Auto Components Company

  • Client: Akar Auto Industries

  • Location: Aurangabad

  • Plant Capacity: 1.375 MWp

Railway Sleeper Manufacturers

  • Client: GITA Group

  • Location: Bangalore & Silvassa

  • Plant Capacity: 2 MWp

Leading Agro Industries

  • Client: Payal Industrial Group

  • Location: Beed

  • Capacity: 1.2 MWp

South India’s Leading Spinning Mill

  • Client: Spinning Mills

  • Location: Kalwakurty (Telangana)

  • Plant Capacity: 563 kWp 

Global Beverages Company

  • Client: Skeiron Group

  • Location: Coca Cola, Nagpur & Jabalpur

  • Plant Capacity: 1430 kWp

Leading Polysack Manufacturer 

  • Client: Supreme Polyweave Ltd

  • Location: Daman & Solapur

  • Capacity: 600 kWp