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Solar Solutions

If you are planning to adopt Solar energy to save on your cost of electricity or to meet your sustainability goals, we have a customized solution for your needs.

On Site:

Solar Power Plants installed in the same premises as the consumption. Solar panels could be installed over the Rooftop, Car Park, Special Structure, Ground or a Water Body.

  • Roof Top
  • Car Park
  • Ground
  • Floating

Floating Solar refers to Solar panels mounted on structures that float on a water body, typically an artificial basin or a lake. The floating Solar projects have gained prominence since 2016.

If your premises have a dedicated parking space or an unprotected storage space, a Solar Car Park solution is an efficient way to utilize the space to install Solar panels. It serves the purpose to offer shade to the vehicles / material underneath while harnessing the Solar energy.

Whether it is an Open Access project or a Captive On-Site Solution, SunInfra Energies helps with complete turnkey execution, starting right from Design & Installation to Operations & Maintenance of ground-mounted Solar plants through their entire project life.

Solar panels mounted over a rooftop is a great way to utilize the vacant roof space and achieve greater returns on the generation of Solar Energy. Whether it is a tin Shed, an RCC roof or other kind of roof, SunInfra could design a customized solution suitable for your needs.

Building Sustainable Solar Infrastructure

Solar Farm

Solar Plants installed with Open Access are a great option for Industries to procure power at lesser tariff than their existing Discom tariff. SunInfra helps with turnkey execution right from Design & Installation to Operations & Maintenance of these Solar plants through their project life.

Solar Power your storage. Save the planet.

Energy Storage

These help to store the Solar Energy and use it on demand or even create a standalone Solar run Industry or Household as required. We use the latest lithium-ion based batteries to integrate Solar with the grid.

Building Integrated Solar Photovoltaic


Install Solar panels as the building material to generate power from your building roof, skylights or facades. PV glass is used as a building material plus as an energy-generating device.

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Why Choose Us

Highly Qualified Team

The company was founded by the alumni of IIT, NIT, ESSEC & UC Berkeley with study and work experiences across the globe.

Safety on Priority

We ensure the safety of our workforce while adhering to the highest level of Health, Safety, and Environment norms. As a professionally managed team, we have developed an HSE management system and have set benchmarks to improve our performance on these. 

Strong Execution Capability

Our team are seasoned experts with experience in successfully handling projects involving every type of roof. We have executed state-of-the-art projects for leading Industrial and Institutional names. 

Focus on O&M services

Dedicated in-house team monitors and services the Solar assets 24×7 leading to optimal power generation and maximum plant uptime.